My name is Abinav; I am a freshman passionate about technology. I noticed throughout my high school, and the first year in my University the increased use of technology affects face to face interactions. Using the technology that keeps us isolated and glued to the screens, can I bring people together? I consider ways technology can help facilitate meaningful conversations.

My goal is to apply my cultural experience, where social interactions are abundant, to the technology inundated world of the United States. I wonder how we can force conversations and build a better, more connected society. In my cultural upbringing, we are expected to treat others like family. This knowledge led me to create a social media application called ShopperList.net (http://shopperlist.net). This application has the ability to help neighbors, friends, and strangers to have familial connections and have more meaningful conversations.

ShopperList is a simple app that helps people to add the list of day to day items with the location to buy. Whenever the person is closer to the location of the item the user will receive a notification. The application will also allow users to add trusted friends who might be at the location where the item is located. The user is then notified to buy the item on behalf of the friend. This helps to force the face to face interaction between people who may not have interacted with this intent. I that ShopperList will help foster better and stronger social interactions between one another.

Stay up to date and enjoy shopping with your friends today!

Abinav Chandar

Founder and CEO